I guess like most people you have photographs in a multitude of places in albums or stashed in envelopes, in attics, garages or front rooms. Well so did I so I picked three albums of times and folks that were probably the the best of my life, if not best then definitely the most care free. so here they are categorised by name of whom the prime individual is in each photo, however you may well find yourself in many more. There are a lot of good memories here from when times where were more simple and our responsibilities were less.

Any of you guys and Gals with pictures of old, mail them to me and I'll post them up!

Amanda Farrow
Andrew Greenup
Andrew Leigh
Dale Bowers
Darren Conroy
Dave Heywood
Dave Townsend
David Golding
Dave Sandilands
Dean Phillips
Ellen Neilson
Fat Freddy
Rick Murray
Jo Butterworth
Andrew Mayer
Caroline Golding
Peter Warrington
Elaine Worthington
Gordon Anderson
Ian Tucker
James Armstrong
Jason Chua
Jo Golding
John Horsefield
John Ott
Laura Hadfield
Lisa Bracewell
Liz Sandilands
Mark Bowers
Mark Golding
Michael Barnard
Miles Lounsbach
Patrica Golding
Pat Shaw
Paul Golding
Peter Bailey
Rose Greenup
Sally Neilson
Simon Hood
Simon Leigh
Steph Wright
Stephan Magee
Steve Dunscombe
Steven Siddal
Tony Harrison
Wayne Watterson
Kevin Bailey
Tony Wiston
Kevin Rosavere
Craig Siddal