Online gaming, A must!  Games come and games go,  but to me Quake II is immortal it still has the best game play and most realistic feel of any of the first perspective shoot-em ups. When played on line with a low ping, it cant be beaten. (though I often am!)

So enamoured was I with it that early in 1998 my mate Nigel and I set-up our own Quake clan Johnny-Power, the idea of which was to recruit players who enjoyed like us the world of on line gaming. Three years on the clan still thrives with now 12 full-time members with maybe another 30 having passed through the clan in that time, members have ranged from 12 year a old in Canada to 45 years old Americans, Swedes, Israelis, Male and female we have had them all. The clan has moved on from its early roots of being purely a QII clan and now the focus has shifted to newer games like Counter-Strike, Battle field 1942, Unreal Tournament 2003. The clan [JP] is still  with its own dedicated server running Battlefield 1942 and Quake II in battle mod mode

So here is a link to the clan [JP] plus a few other relevant sites.